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My name is Rocky, I have been doing  hair extensions for over ten years.   If you are a hair professional looking to accelerate your career, I’d love to hear from you.  See below for more information on current job openings.  Having worked with many customers doing hair, coloring, makeup, and extensions in the Dallas area, I love to share in the excitement as we work together to design a style that is customized and unique for each individual.  As a professional stylist, I’m passionate about sharing my talents with both clients and  professional stylists.  I will listen to your thoughts and concerns, answer every question.  

Want to become a certified Unicorn Hair Queen?

Did you know we are currently hiring a full time position to work with Rocky in Dallas!   Please text 214-448-4172 to set up an interview.   We will respond withing 15 minutes during business hours.  We are currently accepting applications.  

We are also constantly getting inquiries for Unicorn Hair Queen extensions products and services and we refer customers to certified Unicorn Hair Queen stylists all around the country. We can help expert stylists and salons grow their customer base and teach you the secrets of great hair extensions. We want happy customers and happy stylists. Click below to learn more if you’re a stylist interested in becoming a certified Unicorn Hair Queen.