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Sick of Spending Weeks Waiting on Your Hair Extensions? Get Higher Quality Hair Extensions Installed Today in Dallas and Houston, Custom Colors, All Styles, Microbeads, Flat-Tips, Hand Tied Wefts, Huge Variety, Expert Stylists, Limited Time 50% off First Time Customers

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Hey There,
I’ve got a question for you

How much time do you lose waiting on your hair extensions?

If you’re like most customers, I’d say it’s a LOT! I mean, you first have to book a consultation with your stylist which might take weeks. Then you wait for your first appointment and spend time getting the consultation while you and your stylist pick out your color and style. Then your stylist has to order the hair from some company. Then you have to book ANOTHER appointment and come back for a second time to get your hair extensions installed. And who knows how long that takes?  

Your time is valuable, super valuable, and you should not have to wait for weeks to get your hair extensions.  Especially in the world we live in today with Covid-19.  We want to limit the number you trips you take to the salon.  And what about the color options and quality of the hair? I’ve seen some scary bad hair quality and prices were outrageous.

I know because I purchased them because I didn’t have a choice and I also had to wait.

Well, I got tired of waiting and searching for great quality hair with the color I wanted so I decided to solve that problem and started Unicorn Hair Queen extensions specialized in installation of Hair Extensions. It wasn’t easy but I figured out how to provide higher quality natural human hair with more color options all while providing same day service.

Let’s face it… the hair extension quality out there for the price offered is insane! Not only is our hair quality Aaaaaamazing, it’s also thicker and longer than others. We carry an extensive variety of color options and offer special ombre options. And if you want a custom color, we can do that to!

I’m so confident you’ll like our extensions, if you book with us today, you’ll also get a FREE haircut. We install best hair extensions in Dallas and Houston. Just click on book appointment below.

How unicorn hair queen extensions are different

Our approach provides for a stronger yet non-damaging hold

We simple provide more hair per treatment and package than other brands

Our hair is the highest quality grade 10A 100% natural human Remy hair extensions and reusable for one year

Our hair is higher quality natural human hair, which doesn't tangle or mat

Our strands are up to 30 inches which is longer than others. Our philosophy is we can always cut a longer strand to match your perfect length

Our strands come in 1.5 grams which is a thicker strand and more natural look than other brands

Top 10 reasons to CHOOSE uniCORN hair queen EXTENSIONS
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