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If you’re looking for the best place to get hair extensions in Dallas, Texas, Unicorn Hair Queen is here to help. Our experienced stylists will install these beautiful hair extensions correctly and efficiently every time. We even offer same-day extension appointments if you need to look red-carpet-ready in no time. Plus, Unicorn Hair Queen can vouch for the extensions we use because we create them ourselves. But we aren’t just a Dallas hair extension salon. We offer other services, such as balayage, Brazilian blow-outs, haircuts, make-up, bridal hair, and more! Unicorn Hair Queen strives to give each client the look of their dreams. Our skilled stylists will have you looking your best in no time.  

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Sick of Spending Weeks Waiting on Your Hair Extensions? Get Higher Quality Hair Extensions Installed Today in Dallas and Houston, Custom Colors, All Styles, Microbeads, Flat-Tips, Hand Tied Wefts, Huge Variety, Expert Stylists, Limited Time 40% off First Time Customers

Finding the perfect hair extensions in Dallas, Texas, doesn’t have to be challenging. Unicorn Hair Queen makes high-quality extensions that will add length and volume to every head. Most customers spend a lot of time waiting for their hair extensions, but Unicorn Hair Queen has eliminated that because manufacture and stock our own pieces. You never have to wait. How glorious is that? You can leave all that time wasted in the past and step into the future when you book your hair extension appointment at Unicorn Hair Queen. We understand that your time is incredibly valuable. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks for your hair extensions to come into the shop. With us, you’ll have the best hair extensions in Dallas before you know it.

That’s why we started Unicorn Hair Queen. We got tired of searching and waiting for high-quality hair, so we decided to solve that issue. We specialize in human hair extensions at our salon. After some trial and error, we discovered how to offer top-notch quality natural human hair with more color options and still provide same-day service. Our extensions are thicker and longer than the other options out there, and we are proud to stock these superior-quality extensions at a reasonable price. It’s no wonder our clients love and trust us.

Our experienced stylists help our clients choose the right style and color extensions for their hair. You’ll find an expansive variety of hair extensions at our salon. We have a multitude of various colors, lengths, and special ombre options ready for our clients to choose from. We can also accommodate with custom color when needed. Our confidence in our hair extensions is so complete that we offer FREE haircuts if you book a hair extension appointment with us today! Make an appointment today and see why we’re the premier Dallas hair extensions salon. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want to know more.

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How unicorn hair queen extensions are different

Unicorn, Home, Unicorn Hair Queen

Our approach provides for a stronger yet non-damaging hold

Unicorn, Home, Unicorn Hair Queen

We simple provide more hair per treatment and package than other brands

Unicorn, Home, Unicorn Hair Queen

Our hair is the highest quality grade 10A 100% natural human Remy hair extensions and reusable for one year

Unicorn, Home, Unicorn Hair Queen

Our hair is higher quality natural human hair, which doesn't tangle or mat

Unicorn, Home, Unicorn Hair Queen

Our strands are up to 30 inches which is longer than others. Our philosophy is we can always cut a longer strand to match your perfect length

Unicorn, Home, Unicorn Hair Queen

Our strands come in 1.5 grams which is a thicker strand and more natural look than other brands

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