Professional Makeup Dallas

Nothing makes us feel more beautiful than having our makeup professionally done by an artist. These talented individuals carefully apply foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and more. Moreover, a makeup artist carefully evaluates your skin type, tone, and texture before using any product to ensure they provide you with a flawless look. Learn more about getting your makeup done and explore Unicorn Hair’s professional makeup services in Dallas, TX!

Who Can Get Professional Makeup Services?

Anyone can get their makeup done professionally, but most schedule this type of service for special events. For example, many brides hire makeup artists to do their makeup and that of the bridesmaids on the big day to ensure everyone looks stunning. You can get your makeup done professionally for any major event you attend or as a treat to yourself before your next date.

Benefits of Professional Makeup Services

Getting your makeup done professionally helps you look outstanding, whether it’s your wedding day or you have another major event to attend. Professional makeup artists know how to highlight your best features based on your face shape and skin tone to create a glamorous look.

These artists also utilize specific techniques that the general public wouldn’t, such as airbrush makeup. Applying foundation with an airbrush creates a softer look and keeps skin smooth; the airbrushed foundation is also more lightweight and often appears more natural than liquid foundation would.

Additionally, hiring a professional to do your makeup reduces any stress you may feel trying to do things yourself. You get to sit back and relax, knowing the artist will make you look stunning. Plus, makeup artists like those working at Unicorn Hair use high-quality products that remain in place for hours. This is especially helpful for weddings since brides want their makeup to look perfect from morning to night!

Why Choose Unicorn Hair?

Unicorn Hair stylists will examine your style and your requirements in order to create an amazing look: elegant and natural makeup, glamorous and balanced seeking to underline your strengths, combined with a hair style in accordance to the shape and geometries of your facial features. Service could include a trial, this is a fundamental time where questions can be raised and requests brought up for discussion: every detail is used to define the ideal look, in line with your requirements, along with her professional perspective.

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Makeup Pricing


$ 85

Bridal Makeup

$ 135

Airbrush Makeup

$ 135

Wedding Hair

& Make-up Special
$ 149

Eye Lash

$ 35