How to Increase Your Income as a Stylist


We are constantly getting inquiries for our products and services, and we refer customers to certified Unicorn Hair Queens all around the country. We can you help you grow your customer base while improving your retention of customers. We want happy customers and happy stylists and partner with expert stylists. 


Unicorn’s Signature How to Increase Your Income as a Stylist intro class is recommended for any licensed cosmetologist looking to grow their hair career.  Get extreme value for a limited time only.   Normally a $499 class, we’re running a one time deal Holiday special this month for only $50. Text us at 214-919-3055 to reserve your spot.

90 Minute Course

Course Includes:

  • Introduction to hottest hair extension methods
  • Introduction to how to retain hair extension client
  • Introduction to how to get free referrals
  • Learn hair extensions tips you need to focus on for profit
  • Bonus: Learn how Artificial Intelligence is already impacting hair stylists

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