6 Benefits of Hand-Tied Wefts for Natural-Looking Extensions

Your stylist will sew hand-tied wefts onto the thinnest hair track for a lightweight, barely visible hair extension. They add the ideal amount of thickness, length, and fullness. They blend right into your hair. Nobody will suspect you got hair extensions. Still not convinced to try these extensions? Check out more benefits of hand-tied wefts for natural-looking extensions.

Benefits of Hand-Tied Wefts

Are you looking for a quick way to add volume to your hair? Hand-tied wefts instantly provide height and length to your natural hair. They’re great for people who have thin or thinning hair.

Hand-tied wefts provide more benefits than added volume. Here are six other advantages.

  • They blend in to create a voluminous look.
  • They can last a long time.
  • They’re less noticeable on the roots.
  • Hand-tied wefts are healthier and more natural than tape-ins.
  • They hold curls well.
  • You don’t have to worry about removing and putting them on daily.

If you’re considering getting hair extensions, hand-tied wefts are the perfect option. But they’re not only great for first timers. “Lifers” also appreciate all benefits they provide.

Find an Experienced Stylist

Hand-tied wefts are relatively easy to install, but you still need to find an experienced and skilled stylist to install them. It makes all the difference. A knowledgeable stylist can make your extensions last until your follow-up or maintenance appointment. Plus, they know how to avoid slippage.

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Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Maintenance

Hand-tied wefts aren’t high-maintenance. Ensure you’re washing your hair once a week, and you can use your favorite dry shampoo in-between washings. Minimal washing extends the life of your hair extensions, so don’t wash too often.

After you shower, using a dryer to dry your roots is essential. Brush daily to keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. Around every sixth week, you’ll need to go in and have the extensions moved up; weft extensions last around a year before you’ll need replacements.

As you learned, hand-tied weft extensions are natural-looking and provide many benefits. Most people won’t even realize they’re there. Style them the same way you style your natural hair; nobody will ever know.