The Differences Between Hot and Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

There are various hair extension types on the market. Today, this blog will focus on hot and cold fusion hair extensions. What are the differences between them? Is one better than the other? Continue reading to explore the differences between hot and cold fusion hair extensions.

Cold Fusion

An extension expert will apply the cold fusion hair extensions strand by strand without heat. You may also know this extension type as i-tip or flat-tip extensions. A stylist will insert small sections of your hair into a bead using tools and pliers. The pliers will clamp the bead to close it around your hair strands. The extension is now secure.

Cold fusion hair extensions are a safe and gentle alternative to hot fusion ones. With no heat used during the application, it’s an easy substitute for natural hair. You should service your cold fusion hair extensions with move-ups every six weeks.

Hot Fusion

Hot fusion hair extensions use heat to attach the extensions. They have a keratin-based tip, and you may also know them as tip hair extensions or keratin hair extensions. Your hair stylist will gather your hair into tiny bundles, and the extension attaches with a keratin adhesive. This method is gentler than extensions that use regular glue.

Most stylists take about two hours to install these hair extensions. You can also expect the extensions to last anywhere from three to four months, and they don’t need to be moved up every six weeks as cold fusion extensions do. Hot fusion hair extensions are excellent for many different hairstyles and updos.

Benefits of Both Hair Extensions Types

Many hair types provide an excellent foundation for cold and hot fusion hair extensions. One of their top benefits is the length of time a person can go between appointments. They’re also easy to maintain. You can wash, style, dry, and color as usual.

You won’t need to worry about whether or not your hair extensions are showing when you put your hair in an updo. Not every extension type has the same benefit.

And those are the differences between hot and cold fusion hair extensions. Understanding these differences will help you decide which hair extension type is right for you. If you’re looking for the perfect place to get hand-tied weft hair extensions in Dallas, turn to Unicorn Hair Queen. We design and create our hair extensions, which means we control the quality.