Choosing the Right Hair Extensions for Your Face Shape

Finding the right hair extensions can be a challenge. Many factors affect which ones are right for you. One of these factors is your face shape, and various shapes exist. Below you’ll find details to help you choose the right hair extensions for your face shape. You’ll also discover what defines each shape type.

Heart-Shaped Faces

What defines a heart-shaped face? People with them will have prominent cheekbones and a pointed, thin chin. Look for hair extensions that create the illusion of a rounded chin and balance the cheekbones.

Would you like to create a heart-shaped face? Find extensions that cover the top of your cheeks and forehead. It will make your cheekbones appear more prominent.

Pear-Shaped Faces

A pear-shaped face is one that’s wider than it is long. You’ll have a full chin and cheeks with a narrow jawline and forehead. Layered and thick hair extensions will compliment this face shape beautifully. The hair extensions should come to a point at the end to soften the jawline and make the face look shorter.

You can also look for straight and volume-styled hair extensions. These will help balance out the cheeks and create a more rounded-looking chin.

Squared-Shaped Faces

Similar to diamond-shaped faces, squared-shaped ones will have a narrow forehead and a wider jaw. The hair extensions that will fit this face shape best should cascade down and frame the face. They’ll have enough length to fall in front of the jawline and forehead.

You want to avoid hairstyles that are full at the top and thin out. This thickness on top with a thin back tail will make your face appear wider than it is.

Opt for extensions that are wavy or curly and have volume. These extensions will provide the illusion of a more rounded chin and draw attention to your strong jawline.

Oval-Shaped Faces

An oval-shaped face will have these key characteristics:

  • Medium cheekbones
  • Broad forehead
  • Narrow chin
  • Broad jawline

Avoid hair extensions that provide too much thickness near the crown. It will make your face appear rounder and wider than it is. Instead, look for extensions that gradually add fullness to your hair. It will help elongate your face.

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