Choosing the Perfect Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Day

Wedding prep is full of decisions, and one of them is if you’ll use hair extensions or not. They’re ideal for providing additional length and volume for specific hairstyles. Deciding which extension will work for you can be challenging. Continue reading for guidance on choosing the perfect hair extensions for your wedding day.

Prepare in Advance

You need to prep your hair in the same way you plan and prepare for every aspect of your wedding. Find an experienced salon and make an appointment. Ask yourself these questions: How do I want my hair to look on my wedding day? Do I plan on coloring my hair? What is my budget? Using the answers, the stylist will help you choose which extension will provide the desired results.

Hair Extension Types

There are several different types of hair extensions on the market for brides. Let’s explore these together.

Hand-Tied Wefts

Unicorn Hair Queen provides premium hand-tied hair extensions in Dallas that every bride will love. They add volume and length without damaging your hair. Plus, they naturally blend into your hair, so no one will notice that you got extensions.

Your experienced stylist will separate your hair and hand-tie each weft for proper placement. This extension type isn’t high-maintenance and is simple to care for.


Clip-in hair extensions can effortlessly add extra length. They’re a no-commitment hair extension that you can easily install and remove when needed. They provide instant satisfaction without breaking the bank.

Plenty of different brands exist, so ensure you read online reviews and talk to professionals before purchasing them. Also, practice applying them so that you can put them in without a fuss on your wedding day.


Stylists attach tape-in extensions with a strong adhesive. They’ll sandwich the extension pieces between your natural hair. If your stylist puts them in properly, they won’t damage your hair. You don’t have to commit to long-term extension wear with tape-ins.

Coloring the Hair Extensions

Matching your natural hair is one of the biggest challenges. Make an appointment to talk with your stylist about how to best match your hair extensions to your natural locks. Ensure you allow plenty of time before the wedding so that your stylist can work their magic.

Choosing the perfect hair extensions for your wedding day doesn’t have to be a challenge. Your stylist will provide knowledgeable advice regarding the best extension for the big day, so don’t be afraid to talk with them.