Destination weddings have grown in popularity over the past few years. Beaches, in particular, are highly desired wedding locations for brides, and Hawaii offers the ideal weather and scenery for a gorgeous ceremony. Like all outdoor weddings, Hawaii beach weddings require specific hair and makeup techniques to adapt the bride’s appearance to weather conditions and setting. Beach brides face humid, salty sea air and bright sunlight that can take a huge toll on her look if the proper techniques are not used.

If you are a bride thinking about getting married on the beach in Hawaii, you should begin to consider the different factors that you will be facing on your wedding days, such as the warm weather, humidity, and naturally beautiful surroundings. Every bride wants to look her best on her special day, and you should be no exception. By following these professional makeup artist tips and tricks, you will look and feel like the beach goddess bride you’ve always dreamt you’d be on your wedding day.

Know Your Hair and Skin

Does your hair frizz at the first sign of humidity? Do you have a dry patch or two on your face? Remember these things when considering bridal makeup and hairstyles. Be realistic about what will and will not work with your hair type. If you want to wear a down hairstyle as many Hawaiian beach brides do, you will need to be prepared with an anti-humidity product and hairspray that will keep your locks smooth and in place. For brides who prefer not to take the risk with their hair in humid conditions, a “messy” or braided side hairstyle or updo will also fit the beach wedding theme beautifully.

Talk to your wedding makeup artist about your hair and skin type during your consultation so that he/she is able to adjust their products and makeup techniques to these conditions. For example, if you have oily skin, it will be helpful to have blotting strips and powder on hand throughout the ceremony. If your skin dries out, your bridal makeup artist will know to prime your skin with plenty of moisturizers to avoid flaky wedding day complexion.

Choose Relaxed and Natural Wedding Hair and Makeup Looks

Although a tight up hairstyle may be perfect for a winter wedding indoors, it doesn’t necessarily fit the theme of a beach wedding in Hawaii. Beach brides are known to look effortlessly beautiful and not too overdone. It’s hard to imagine a bride walking down the aisle on the beach with a very formal and stiff wedding dress, and the same goes for her hair and makeup looks. Even if the bride decides to wear her hair up, a low, loose chignon or fishtail braid are more than elegant and do not clash with the easy, breezy beach setting.

For makeup, select very soft, natural looking colors. Steer clear from smokey eye makeup and dark lip colors. While dramatic eye makeup is undoubtedly stunning, the setting of a Hawaiian wedding does not require the extra boldness. Instead, go with natural eye makeup shades of bronze, brown, and gold, and select a light pink, peach, or nude color for your lips. Remember that “natural” does not equate “plain”. The best makeup artists know how to use light, soft colors along with contouring and skin brightening to make you look glamorous, sexy, and effortlessly beautiful – which is exactly what a beach bride in Hawaii should look like.

Find Your Match… Bridal Makeup Match, That Is

You may have found your soul mate, but finding the right match for your skin is also an extremely part of your wedding makeup look. With the sun shining brightly on you, your guests, and the Hawaiian sands, your foundation should match your skin perfectly. The natural light can help deliver beautiful photographs, but it can also magnify a makeup line if your foundation and skin are two different shades. Hence, it’s important to schedule a makeup trial before your wedding so that your beauty stylist can take the time to find the exact shade for you. Most professional makeup artists use airbrush makeup for a full-coverage, flawless complexion. During the trial, he/she will have time to try several different colors and combinations to find the perfect one.